Might the Buzzard save the Hen Harrier?

Photo: Tim Melling
Photo: Tim Melling


It’s just as illegal to kill a Buzzard as it is to kill a Hen Harrier.

Satellite-tagging a lot of Buzzards, particularly in areas close to driven grouse moors would, I bet, lead to a lot of interesting information about Buzzard movements and survival, and also lead to some interesting ‘disappearances’ which could be reported to the police.

I reckon that the North York Moors would be a good place to do such a study and I would be very surprised if the Forestry Commission weren’t very cooperative with any researchers who wanted access to their estates around the edge of the central grouse moor area.

Buzzards are really interesting – it would be good to know more about them. They could be really useful too.

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2 Replies to “Might the Buzzard save the Hen Harrier?”

  1. Careful for which raptors you wish for Mark. Rewilders are pushing for eagle owls in uplands http://www.rewildingbritain.org.uk/rewilding/reintroductions/ while others might like to reintroduce golden eagles for glossy impact. Both the above predate 'lesser' raptors further down the food chain...
    I would love to see more hen harriers here in Wales - but there's poor habitat and little prey for them - and plenty foxes.


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