Shooting estates – a higher aim

Henry enjoys the management regime at Coignafearn
Henry enjoys the management regime at Coignafearn

I was pleased to see this in the Scottish Green Party newsletter, referring to shooting estates which are, apparently, ‘ecological slums’. But it was also very good to see Coignafearn, Glen Tanar and Glen Feshie singled out as examples of much better practice.

Apparently there will be a motion put to the party conference in October on this subject.

A good motion would be to wave goodbye to driven grouse shooting – and all UK residents can hasten that end in England by signing this e-petition on the Westminster parliament website to ban driven grouse shooting.  20,000 signatures is within reach now.

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2 Replies to “Shooting estates – a higher aim”

  1. Thanks for mentioning the wee article in the SGP newsletter. It was edited a bit and partially rewritten by other parties ('overefficient'?), and sadly a link to the ban driven grouse shooting petition was taken out - an opportunity to get a few hundred extra signatures missed (I'm scunnered!!), but none the less think it's OK and did want to point out that there are estates that are showing a way ahead. The 'ecological slums' term originally came from the excellent Ron Greer who has been practically demonstrating how Scotland's damaged hills could be restored for wildlife and people for decades, a figure of speech that stuck in my mind. Sorry the link to the petition didn't get in, will keep trying.


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