Natalie Bennett calls again for ban on grouse shooting

Attractive drainage ditch near a grouse butt.

‘Attractive’ drainage ditch near a grouse butt on Walshaw Moor.

After visiting Walshaw Moor and the flood-hit town of Hebden Bridge, Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett, reiterated her  party’s call for a ban on grouse shooting.

Bennett was reported in the Daily Telegraph as saying that intensive grouse moor management is  ‘incompatible with 21st-century needs of flood prevention‘ and called it a ‘conservation disaster‘.

She described Walshaw Moor as ‘being managed in the interests of one species, and one species alone, red grouse. And they’re here for one reason, to be shot by visitors paying massive sums.’.

Natalie knows what she is talking about and if you agree with her then signing this e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting is an obvious way to send a message to grouse moor managers and Defra.




PS notice that in the same piece the Telegraph slightly irrelevantly mention the Defra Hen Harrier Plan – and point out the RSPB’s support for it.

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