Request for film location

Amazing image by Donald Shields
Amazing image by Donald Shields

I keep being asked by film companies where they could go to film driven grouse shooting or obtain existing footage to use.

Any grouse moors out there wishing to reveal the glories of the Inglorious 12th?

Anyone know of locations where driven grouse shooting could be filmed from rights of way or the public highway?

I’ve heard the Yorkshire Dales National Park has lots of Red Grouse but no Hen Harriers.

Sign here to ask the UK parliament to debate a ban of driven grouse shooting.



5 Replies to “Request for film location”

  1. It would be excellent for it to be filmed and shown on tv. How long would the wanton and pointless killing last after prime time exposure?

  2. it can probably be filmed from the A59 over Blubberhouses Moor but one also needs to know when they shoot and this is not usually publicly available. As to it be ing shown on TV in the north it is always shown on the inglorious 12th.

  3. I hope they capture the cruelty involved, particularly twitching and floundering injured birds being left for an age before they are dispatched.

  4. How about an hour long documentary showing absolutely Everything that happens before ,during and after driven grouse shoots !

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