A bit of a round up

Some things that caught my eye or ear:

  • the IUCN congress last week approved a resolution requesting countries to phase out use of lead ammunition in hunting which is a reminder that the UK as part of the EU delegation agreed a resolution to phase out lead ammunition by 2017 – another broken environmental promise by the UK government.
  • Hawk and Owl Trust fund two satellite tags for Hen Harriers – good for them. Noticeable by its absence is any celebratory quote from H&OT Chair Philip Merricks who seems to save his efforts for calling us all eco-zealots.
  • I voted for Owen Smith in the Labour leadership election (voting closes midday Wednesday) – I guess another losing vote. Last time around I voted Corbyn because I felt that the other three candidates were uninspiring and lacked passion, and in the hope that Corbyn would turn out to be a leader. He hasn’t.
  • this is an interesting WWF appeal – to protect the Coto Donana – I’d like to find out more.
  • Rob Yorke (so-called neutral) and I quoted in Countrfile magazine.
  • best conservation charity for family travelers?
  • stewed blackberries (picked last weekend) and apples (from garden) is an autumn delight…
  • …as is a glass of Hen Harrier bitter in the garden afterwards.
  • the planning decision on Catfield Fen should emerge on Monday – I’m expecting common sense will prevail and the inspector will uphold the EA decision to refuse the abstraction licences.
  • Caroline Lucas asks Therese Coffey about role of rewilding in flood alleviation – not much of an answer.
  • more filming is planned for the campaign to ban driven grouse shooting – starts tomorrow actually…
  • …and did you listen to this interview with me by the comedian Tiernan Douieb


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1 Reply to “A bit of a round up”

  1. Thanks for the link to Tiernan Douieb's website, I have to confess it's not one I'd come across but all grist to the mill and an audience who are likely to take an interest in the issue of moorland mis-management amongst the wide range of topics you discussed with him.

    It's not very often I'd have cause to disagree with you, but one aspect of wind turbines I do struggle with is that, as I understand the carbon budget calculations is that the cement used in their construction is not subject to inclusion in the budget. This is not, IMHO honest reporting, but I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong and my comment is sure to receive plenty of dislikes. I similarly struggle with the requirement to maintain expensive 'spinning reserve', how does that help justify support twice over (once in guaranteed prices and the other 'back stopping' the fluctuations in wind availability)?

    I struggle also when commercial consultancies are paid to conclude that there will be no significant impact upon the hydrological integrity of the SSSI/SAC and NE just roll over (yet at the same time negotiating a sum considerably more than the proposed community pot). Wind turbines in appropriate places by all means, solar panels too would make sense on industrial estate 'sheds' rather than green fields, tidal etc. all have their place. Nuclear to private profit I have concerns about and as for fracking, so much for clean energy but let's not stand in the way of those in power who have vested interest, it should not be allowed (the community to have a voice that is)?


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