You did this…

  • shone a light on the scale of illegal raptor persecution in the UK uplands
  • brought the damaging impacts of grouse moor management to the attention of the media and the British public
  • had a lot of fun
  • persuaded M&S three years in a row to reverse its decision to sell grouse meat in stores
  • got MPs to debate the future of driven grouse shooting in the UK parliament
  • persuaded the RSPB to dance with the one that brought them and to leave the Hen Harrier Inaction Plan
  • showed that people have the power to change the way decision-makers think
  • showed that you don’t have to wait for wildlife NGOs to take the lead – you can take the lead and they will have to follow
  • forged friendships and alliances that will never be broken
  • brought the end of driven grouse shooting 10 years closer (that’s my estimate) by standing up for nature

Thank you again.

And I reckon that many of us have learned skills and gained confidence in what we can do – I hope so – because there is more to do. We aren’t finished with this subject yet. And we are winning and we will win.

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8 Replies to “You did this…”

  1. I’m not ashamed to admit I didn’t know the difference between driven and walked-up before your campaign, and I’ve learnt a lot more along the way. Least of all the appalling behaviour of some of our MPs.

    Many thanks for all you’ve done (so far…).

  2. Yes, you are quite right, Mark – but we wouldn’t have done all this without your leadership. As you say, we’re not finished, we’re right behind you and – in the end – we’ll win!

  3. I knew very little until I read ‘Inglorious,’ Mark. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your thoughts!

  4. Amazing job you have done in highlighting the many faults in upland management! Many, many, more people now know about driven grouse shooting and the detrimental effects it has on the environment and birds of prey!

  5. I learnt loads of stuff about the ‘relationship’ twixt raptors and raptor-haters.
    I have been shunned by people I thought of as friends when I shared the petition and the blogs.
    God knows how you, Mark, and your fellow campaigners have coped with the abuse from those people who don’t really understand where you’re coming from, I know it would’ve finished me off.
    I’ve just spied a tweet at the side of this page – “…maybe start art projection protests?” – what a great idea.
    How about a ‘mass art projection protest’ on a grouse moor?
    I’m a fell runner, and sometimes for fun I have dressed in an inflatable sumo warrior suit and .
    How about an inflatable Hen Harrier?
    I would be happy to run over the fells of the Yorkshire Dales in such a suit.
    I wonder who could make me one?

    1. Andy. When you have found your suit maker, you could use @JustGiving to finance the suit and and any related art projects you can think of and also to gain publicity.

  6. All of what you say is too true Mark, but there are many out there who after the debate will be feeling very low and we need to get this across to them. after years of disappointments raptor monitoring I was once asked, I think by our mutual resident Cumbrian friend how I continued. Quite simple really use the anger and disgust to spur you on we cannot and must not let the bastards of the hook or win.
    What you failed to mention above is your inspired leadership coupled with the excellent Chris Packham and great ideas from RPUK.

  7. I knew very little about grouse shooting before I followed your campaign Mark. I feel that my eyes have been well and truly opened over the last year or so.

    Whilst the ultimate outcome of the debate was disheartening (but unsurprising), I am inspired by the hard work and dedication of the people involved. I’m sure others are too.

    The fact that there are lots of people out there who won’t give up fighting these issues gives me great hope for the future.

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