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A couple of people have mentioned that this site has been slow to load recently – and I have noticed it too (although my broadband has been a bit dodgy lately too).  So I spent half a day yesterday sorting it out through doing some stuff myself, talking to the support team at GoDaddy and spending some money.  I even had a conversation about Buzzard licensing with a nice man in Arizona who noticed the post on this blog as he was helping make everything work.

It seems to me that the site is loading much faster today – I hope you have noticed a positive difference. Have you? (just two easy questions)


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  1. I use Sage RSS feed reader in Firefox. The feed stopped working yesterday and showed “XML Parse feed error”.
    I deleted the blog from the Sage list and tried to resubscribe. The RSS feed button on the blog Home only returns a blank page with the text “pageok” at the top left.
    The Firefox toolbar RSS button just opens a new Sage page with the blog title and a comments. Typically this would be a drop down list from the button showing options to select feed or comments.

    How this all works IFIIK – but that is what is happening in my browser

  2. Sorry, can’t say i notice a difference.
    Took 12 seconds to load this page today. Not sure how long i gave, last time you asked.
    I have a slow satellite broadband. My broadband speed varies enormously but i did a speed test and right now it is excellent (9Mbps download).

  3. Hadn’t noticed it being slow before; today it is treacle, but perhaps it is just me. Thank you for asking. More bothersome are the social media buttons which overlay the webpage and are so large they obscure a third of the screen (bottom third on tablet, bearable; left third on PC – Firefox, obscures first three characters of every line, turning your posts into a word puzzle!)

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