Walk with knowledge in the Highlands

The Walk Highlands website has this excellent article by David Lintern,  The numbers game – a grouse moor primer for hillwalkers.

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1 Reply to “Walk with knowledge in the Highlands”

  1. An obviously well researched article, that should bring this debate to the attention of a wider audience, many of whom, like the author concedes about himself, have hitherto lacked knowledge of many wildlife/habitat management issues they encounter on their walks.
    Hopefully it may bring more opposition to bear on the subject of new hill tracks, however I frequently see hikers using these, so maybe in some quarters they are gratefully received.
    Wherever possible, on my visits to the highlands, I try to only use the long established stalking paths,otherwise preferring to rough it, putting my money where my mouth is, so to speak.
    A nice lead photo ,which I believe is of Gaick Forest.


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