Another amazing Hen Harrier image from Gordon Yates


Just superb!  A superb image of superb birds.

Who’d want to kill these?




And it reminded me of ‘Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, except backwards and in high heels.’.

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12 Replies to “Another amazing Hen Harrier image from Gordon Yates”

  1. Bet it wasn't taken on a grouse moor, fabulous shot, so envious, I've never managed to even see this take place let alone get a cracking photo of it.

  2. A meal is announced with a yikkering call, she rolls upside down, waits for baton to fall. Baton exchanged and food pass complete,returns to the nest with prey grasped in her feet.

    There's a book there somewhere!! Skydancer, great image, wonderful spectacle.

  3. An amazing spectacle, denied to the English public in their own country, by a selfish miniscule minority and the criminals they employ.

  4. I live in Yorkshire, a county that should surely give me the opportunity to see this myself. Two years ago I saw my first skydance. I was in the far North of Scotland and, apart from the sheer beauty of what was in front of me, I mostly felt angry that I had been denied seeing it for so long. What right have a small bunch of self interested people got, to decide what happens to our wildlife. NONE. Driven grouse shooting is a selfish pleasure that should be consigned to history.

  5. One of the real magic moments of watching Hen Harriers (or any other harriers for that matter) breeding, captured in an utterly marvelous photograph. One of Gordon's best! yet despite our open mouthed wonder there are still criminals out there apparently unmoved waiting to kill this bird, criminal bastards seems so inadequate a name against such beauty.

  6. Wonderful image!!
    In fact, so well in focus that when you blow it up, you can see that the prey item is not a grouse but in fact something looking like a mountain hare! I wonder if it had ticks.
    Could it be that these birds were actually working for a grouse moor owner and culling hares........or could it just be natural?

  7. Only psychopaths could kill something this innocent and beautiful. It disturbs me further that many of these psychopaths are parents.


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