Ban lead ammunition

This is good – please support it.

I hope we get asked by RSPB and WWT to support it too – I don’t think I have been so far.





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  1. Thanks for pointing this out.

    I have posted the URL to the RSPB’s Facebook page… It does not appear prominently, being restricted to a truncated post under ‘Visitor posts’, so added the URL to some rather unrelated ‘comments’ sections…

    Did similar to WWT and WWF… (where the post is ‘under review’)

  2. Mark, my purpose in engaging in that Twitter thread was to draw out the apologist arguments for not banning the sale and use of lead ammunition immediately. It demonstrates just how weak their arguments really are.

    In reality the only argument that the shooting lobby can come up with for not totally banning the sale and use of lead ammunition is that older shotguns can not use none lead ammunition. But this is a lame excuse. Only a very small proportion of these old shotguns are used. The main issue of this as I explained is that these old English hand made shotguns which can’t use none lead ammunition are extremely valuable heirlooms and collectors pieces used by senior members of the establishment.

    My points are not class based as claimed. It’s just that this small handful of people have enormous influence, and it is their heel dragging which is what stops an immediate ban on the use and sale of lead ammunition.

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