5000 blog posts

Since I started this blog in April 2011, 5002 posts have appeared here, attracting over 53,000 comments.

That’s quite a lot.

Thanks very much to all readers, commenters, photographers, artists and cartoonists.

Later this year there will be a two-month break as I will be coming and going over that period, but I’ll let you know when that is nearer to the time.

More later…


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14 Replies to “5000 blog posts”

  1. Yes, quite a lot, Mark, and your efforts are much appreciated. I will miss starting my day with your blog when you take your well-deserved break. Thank you!

  2. Some of us have followed your Blogging for Nature since May 2009 Mark. I've got the book! Not freelance perhaps but fascinating none-the-less.

  3. Congratulations! Your blog is a source of information, insights and informed perspective that I know many many people value and enjoy. Thank you taking the time in between all your other commitments. Have a relaxing, enjoyable break... looking forward to your next 5000 posts : )

    1. Jo - very kind of you, thank you. 5000 more? I guess that is possible. Maybe I'll stop at 10,000? Although those who know me well don't believe that I will...

  4. 2 months !!! I will need to have medication to counteract the withdrawal symptoms.

    Seriously, thanks so much for opening my eyes to the trashing of our uplands and the corruption in high places. I have expanded my environmental horizons greatly since reading your blogs, guest blogs, comments and retweets from your Twitter account. Just ashamed that I had been so unobservant and complacent in the past.

    Have a happy break and look after yourself. We need you.

  5. Your blog is a tremendous resource for everyone concerned with protecting nature - I have no idea how else I'd be kept in touch with what is really happening on the ground in so many parts of the country. Your recent work on Walshaw Moor and the Bowland Gull cull alone is absolutely invaluable in holding NE to account.

    I wonder if you would consider doing us a post directing us to other bloggers or websites that try to scrutinise or monitor the state of UK nature in a similar way? After that, you may be allowed to go on holiday 🙂

    Thanks again, Mark

    1. michael - very kind of you. Obviously I don't cover everything - I hardly scratch the surface. Raptor persecution UK is the pre-eminent raptor persecution blog in the UK - the clue is in the name. They are brilliant and I admire their work hugely - but they don't stray from that one subject.

      It may sound big-headed but I don't think there are many blogs like mine which deliver both news and opinion, have a campaigning motive, are reasonably well-informed about their subjects and are as prolific. Maybe the rest of the world has other, better things to do with their time...

  6. The time spent writing and maintaining this blog must be phenomenal and there are few who would be prepared to do what you've done and do so I'm sure you're looking forward your fully deserved break - although you can't blame us if we look upon that with a bit of trepidation and sense of (temporary) loss! Many thanks for all your efforts, not sure there are many others who would have put up with my ramblings on the conservation value of dead wood etc!

  7. You thoroughly deserve a break and yes as Carole says. medication to mitigate for the withdrawal for regulars.

    But perhaps I'd like to image you working on a wonderful project that needs focus and meticulous attention to detail which will bring fantastic benefit to nature conservation ....

    I can add little to what others have said, you've been inspirational, motivational, challenging to 'them' and to us & that's good so here's to the future and the opportunities ahead. Thank you doesn't seem enough;)

  8. Do not know if any words adequately describe the exceptional amount of work you get through and no other person in my opinion would put such effort into stopping raptor persecution.Please keep up the good work.


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