Last day for Gavin Gamble’s e-petition

All good things must come to an end and Gavin Gamble’s e-petition is a good thing which ends at midnight today. On this rainy Bank Holiday Monday you could just spend a few moments emailing a few friends and asking them to sign up using this link

Yesterday was a brilliant day for Gavin’s e-petition – delivering 1700+ signatures and taking the total past 45,000 and 46,000 to 46,186 signatures. Seventeen constituencies joined the ‘100 signatures’ club bringing that total to 119 constituencies (close to one in five of the total). Thank you to everyone who has signed the e-petition and to those who have gone further and promoted it in some way. Thank you! Every signature sends a message; every signature helps send a stronger message.

A special word for Shipley in West Yorkshire. As I produce these posts of lists of constituencies I am fairly accustomed to what it feels like to update them. One goes down the list and adds a few signatures on to most lines and juggles the order and it takes quite a while.  Today when I got to Shipley I had to add 43 signatures to its total since Saturday, and move it from 71st in the list to 20th.  That’s a big jump in two days when neighbouring Keighley added a perfectly respectable six signatures and moved from 92nd to 84th in the list.  I know practically nothing about the constituency of Shipley and I don’t know what happened in Shipley, but something did. And if it was you, thank you!

Here are the constituencies which have at least 100 signatures with those 17 additions not emboldened and at the end of the list. There then follows a list of constituencies in the high 90s, some of which will surely be in tomorrow’s final update.

Will Calder Valley reach 200 signatures? Will Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey? Will Shipley have another strong day?  Will the ‘100 signatures’ club number 125 cosntituencies tomorrow morning?

It’s the last day when you can make a difference – please find a way to ask someone to consider signing Gavin Gamble’s e-petition calling on governments to ban driven grouse shooting.

  1. High Peak, Ruth George MP, 245 signatures
  2. Sheffield Hallam, Jared O’Mara, 215 signatures
  3. Calder Valley, Craig Whittaker, 198 signatures
  4. Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey, Drew Hendry MP, 196 signatures
  5. Derbyshire Dales, Patrick McCloughlin MP, 192 signatures
  6. Sheffield Central, Paul Blomfield MP, 188 signatures
  7. Thirsk and Malton, Kevin Hollinrake MP, 186 signatures
  8. Westmorland and Lonsdale, Tim Farron MP, 184 signatures
  9. Skipton and Ripon, Julian Smith MP, 180 signatures
  10. Ross, Skye and Lochaber, Ian Blackford MP, 175 signatures
  11. Isle of Wight, Bob Seeley MP, 173 signatures
  12. Suffolk Coastal, Therese Coffey MP, 167 signatures
  13. North Norfolk, Norman Lamb MP, 164 signatures
  14. Richmond (Yorks), Rishi Sunar MP, 164 signatures
  15. Stroud, David Drew MP, 164 signatures
  16. Argyll and Bute, Brendan O’Hara MP, 158 signatures
  17. Central Devon, Mel Stride MP, 157 signatures
  18. Wells, James Heappey MP, 155 signatures
  19. Edinburgh North and Leith, Deidre Brock MP, 152 signatures
  20. Shipley, Philip Davies MP, 151 signatures
  21. Brighton Pavilion, Caroline Lucas MP, 151 signatures
  22. Torridge and West Devon, Geoffrey Cox MP, 150 signatures
  23. South Norfolk, Richard Bacon MP, 149 signatures
  24. Bristol West, Thangam Debbonaire MP, 149 signatures
  25. Somerton and Frome, David Warburton MP, 147 signatures
  26. East Lothian, Martin Whitfield MP, 145 signatures
  27. South Cambridgeshire, Heidi Allen MP, 145 signatures
  28. Mid Norfolk, George Freeman MP, 144 signatures
  29. Penrith and The Border, Rory Stewart MP, 143 signatures
  30. Dumfries and Galloway, Alister Jack MP, 141 signatures
  31. St Ives, Derek Thomas MP, 138 signatures
  32. Lewes, Maria Caulfield MP, 138 signatures
  33. Norwich South, Clive Lewis MP, 138 signatures
  34. Harrogate and Knaresborough, Andrew Jones MP, 135 signatures
  35. Totnes, Sarah Woollaston MP, 135 signatures
  36. Colne Valley, Thelma Walker MP, 135 signatures
  37. Ceredigion, Ben Lake MP, 134 signatures
  38. Witney, Robert Courts MP, 133 signatures
  39. West Dorset, Oliver Letwin MP, 132 signatures
  40. North Somerset, Liam Fox MP, 132 signatures
  41. Ludlow, Philip Dunne MP, 132 signatures
  42. Sheffield Heeley, Louise Haigh MP, 132 signatures
  43. Edinburgh East, Tommy Sheppard MP, 131 signatures
  44. York Central, Rachael Maskell MP, 128 signatures
  45. Ribble Valley, Nigel Evans MP, 128 signatures
  46. Tiverton and Honiton, Neil Parish MP, 128 signatures
  47. Broadland, Keith Simpson MP, 128 signatures
  48. Waveney, Peter Aldous MP, 126 signatures
  49. Ochil and South Perthshire, Luke Graham MP, 123 signatures
  50. Penistone and Stocksbridge, Angela Smith MP, 123 signatures
  51. Taunton Deane, Rebecca Pow MP, 123 signatures
  52. East Devon, Hugo Swire MP, 122 signatures
  53. Bridgwater and West Somerset, Ian Liddell-Grainger MP, 121 signatures
  54. Edinburgh South, Ian Murray MP, 121 signatures
  55. Oxford West and Abingdon, Layla Moran MP, 120 signatures
  56. South West Wiltshire, Andrew Murrison MP, 120 signatures
  57. Berwick on Tweed, Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP, 120 signatures
  58. Macclesfield, David Rutley MP, 120 signatures
  59. South West Surrey, Jeremy Hunt MP, 119 signatures
  60. Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweedsmuir, Ian Mundell MP, 119 signatures
  61. Chippenham, Michelle Donelan MP, 119 signatures
  62. Yeovil, Marcus Fysh MP, 118 signatures
  63. Cambridge, Daniel Zeichner MP, 118 signatures
  64. York Outer, Julian Sturdy MP, 117 signatures
  65. Edinburgh South West, Joanna Cherry MP, 117 signatures
  66. South East Cambridgeshire, Lucy Frazer MP, 117 signatures
  67. Hexham, Guy Opperman MP, 116 signatures
  68. Perth and North Perthshire, Pete Wishart MP, 115 signatures
  69. Rutland and Melton, Alan Duncan MP, 115 signatures
  70. Stirling, Stephen Kerr MP, 114 signatures
  71. Hove, Peter Kyle MP, 114 signatures
  72. North East Bedfordshire, Alistair Burt MP, 113 signatures
  73. The Cotswolds, Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, 110 signatures
  74. Salisbury, John Glen MP, 111 signatures
  75. West Worcestershire, Harriett Baldwin MP, 111 signatures
  76. Montgomeryshire, Glyn Davies MP, 111 signatures
  77. North West Hampshire, Kit Malthouse MP, 110 signatures
  78. Wantage, Edward Vaizey MP, 110 signatures
  79. North Herefordshire, Bill Wiggin MP, 109 signatures
  80. Henley, John Howell MP, 109 signatures
  81. East Yorkshire, Greg Knight MP, 109 signatures
  82. Truro and Falmouth, Sarah Newton MP, 109 signatures
  83. Lancaster and Fleetwood, Cat Smith MP, 109 signatures
  84. Keighley, John Grogan MP, 109 signatures
  85. North East Derbyshire, Lee Rowley MP, 108 signatures
  86. North Dorset, Simon Hoare MP, 108 signatures
  87. Newbury, Richard Benyon MP, 108 signatures
  88. Scarborough and Whitby, Robert Goodwill MP, 108 signatures
  89. New Forest East, Julian Lewis MP, 107 signatures
  90. Twickenham, Vince Cable MP, 107 signatures
  91. Arundel and South Downs, Nick Herbert MP, 107 signatures
  92. West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine, Andrew Bowie MP, 107 signatures
  93. Banbury, Victoria Prentis MP, 107 signatures
  94. Ipswich, Sandy Martin MP, 106 signatures
  95. Leeds North West, Alex Sobel MP, 106 signatures
  96. Central Suffolk and North Ipswich, Dan Poulter MP, 105 signatures
  97. Beverley and Holderness, Graham Stuart MP, 104 signatures
  98. North East Fife, Stephen Gethins MP, 104 signatures
  99. North Wiltshire, James Gray MP, 104 signatures
  100. Exeter, Ben Bradshaw MP, 104 signatures
  101. North West Cambridgeshire, Shailesh Vara MP, 104 signatures
  102. Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk, John Lamont MP, 102 signatures
  103. Sleaford and North Hykeham, Caroline Johnson MP, 107 signatures
  104. Congleton, Fiona Bruce MP, 107 signatures
  105. Shrewsbury and Atcham, Daniel Kawczynski MP, 105 signatures
  106. Leeds North East, Fabian Hamilton MP, 104 signatures
  107. Reading East, Matt Rodda MP, 104 signatures
  108. North Shropshire, Owen Paterson MP, 103 signatures
  109. Bury St Edmunds, Jo Churchill MP, 103 signatures
  110. South Dorset, Richard Drax, 102 signatures
  111. Selby and Ainsty, Nigel Adams MP, 102 signatures
  112. Manchester, Withington, Jeff Smith MP, 101 signatures
  113. Newton Abbot, Ann Marie Morris MP, 104 signatures
  114. South West Norfolk, Liz Truss MP, 100 signatures
  115. North Devon, Heaton-Jones MP, 100 signatures
  116. Forest of Dean, Mark Harper MP, 100 signatures
  117. Mid Dorset and North Poole, Michael Tomlinson MP, 100 signatures
  118. Monmouth, David C Davies MP, 100 signatures
  119. South Suffolk, James Cartlidge MP, 100 signatures
  • Amber Valley, Nigel Mills MP, 99 signatures
  • North West Norfolk, Henry Bellingham MP, 99 signatures
  • Meon Valley, George Hollingbery MP, 99 signatures
  • East Hampshire, Damian Hinds MP, 99 signatures
  • Romsey and Southampton North, Caroline Nokes MP, 99 signatures
  • Hornsey and Wood Green, Catherine West MP, 98 signatures
  • Brecon and Radnorshire, Chris Davies MP, 98 signatures
  • Chorley, Lindsay Hoyle MP, 98 signatures
  • Tatton, Esther McVey MP, 98 signatures
  • New Forest West, Desmond Swayne MP, 97 signatures
  • Moray, Douglas Ross 97 signatures
  • South Northamptonshire, Andrea Leadsom MP, 97 signatures
  • Chesterfield, Toby Perkins MP, 97 signatures
  • East Worthing and Shoreham, Tim Loughton MP, 97 signatures

And the standings of your estimates of the signature total were:

Paul F47574

Although Jonathan has a chance of winning this little contest, Paul F now is in pole position and it would take a day even better than  yesterday (which was stupendous) for Mike to win.  Paul’s guess (or carefully considered estimate) commands the region of 46395-49,465 signatures and that looks like it will be where the total will end up. We’ll see!

Please ask a friend or relative today to sign Gavin Gamble’s e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting. Thank you!

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14 Replies to “Last day for Gavin Gamble’s e-petition”

  1. Just another 80,000 to go. If it doesn't make it, then it proves that interest is waning.

    If you are upset by me saying that here then you better work out a counter argument that can work on someone who is pro-banning driven grouse shooting PDQ, because if you can't then we'll be in real trouble when you start hearing that coming from the pro-shooting lobby. Gavin has handed them the single biggest victory in their campaign to keep driven grouse shooting, by delivering a petition with a lesser signature count than the last one he has done more for the pro-shooting lobby than Ian Botham ever did. It is going to be difficult to go on the offensive with such a critical hit taken to the numbers.

    1. I'm sure that Hen Harrier Day this year will involve more events and more participants, The League Against Cruel Sports Scotland has created a paid position for a senior campaigner to fight Driven Grouse Shooting - which is a phenomenal step forward and I was speaking to a guy on a RSPB stall on Saturday who said that in the past few years he's had more and more members of the public come up and ask about bird of prey prosecution - he never had that before. The chorus against DGS is getting louder and louder, it will be a miracle if grouse moors in Scotland manage to avoid licensing. There will be people who've signed Gavin's petition who never signed ANY previous petition to ban DGS, it was most certainly not a retrograde step. No matter what the final tally the other side have absolutely no reason to crow about anything, they are losing and they know it.

  2. Many may have taken different directions than having any faith in a parliamentary debate after watching the last debacle, if that's democracy then we are in a dire state in Westminster and little wonder that folk are disillusioned. Reform is seriously needed?

    But as for handing DGS a victory, fine let them think that whilst other options are followed such as Les W outlines above. They can keep the Westminster lobbies packed but we will have our day and whilst the argument continues more and more and more are becoming aware of upland mis-management funded through the public purse and illegal raptor persecution and wildlife crime & you're telling us Random 22 that that's their victory?

  3. I think there are plenty of explainations to why the petition didn’t reach as high as it did in 2016 but crucially I think very few people would have since changed their minds about supporting a ban. We are going to see waves of support from the public. Commissioning polls like those done in 2016 would be far more useful comparison.

    I’m as optimistic as I have ever been. I’m not disappointed we didn’t get enough for a debate because I don’t think at this time it would achieve a lot. If pro DGS want to claim this as a victory let them have it. They haven’t got long!

  4. The supporters of a ban on driven grouse shooting are now 74,991 signatures behind where they were in September 2016. The petition has lost more people than have signed it?
    Petition fatigue, apathy or realisation that it’s a complete waste of time. Discuss.
    Appealing to the animal rights extremists the LACS had little effect.
    Even the housewives favourite Chris Packham joining in it wasn’t enough. Perhaps people are making their own minds up instead of blindly following BBC ‘celebrities ‘
    I will be interested to see your positive spin on what a great result this actually is!! Although i do find it strange that people who signed it last time couldn’t be bothered this time. It appears even the keyboard warriors have forsaken their keyboards.
    In other news I look forward to your blog post discussing the latest cull figures for the RSPB reserves.

    1. Tell us Adrian how do people who refer to others as 'keyboard warriors' do so on social media without using a keyboard themselves? I am intrigued.

  5. Maybe we should campaign for a ban on Red Grouse sales,probably a sure way to solve the problem.

  6. Ha Ha, Unfortunately for bird numbers none have, but a lot of other predators of birds and birds eggs appear to have been on a number of RSPB reserves.

  7. Adrian,the pro epetition is doing even worse.cannot see why you are so cocky.
    Gavins petition done really well for a non celeb.

    1. You’ve hit the nail on the head there ‘non celeb’ over 70,000 signatures LESS than last time even with Mr Packhams full support, plus all the ‘celebs’ who backed it via Marks blog. Says something surely?

      1. Clutching at straws Adrian, considering the petition had already been carried out three times before and had got a parliamentary debate (which showed who the friends of DGS were and therefore why we really need to get rid of it) for another petition after that to have achieved what it did is bloody good going. There will have been people who signed this time who never did before, and it will have helped pull them into the debate - yes debate, not people blindly accepting the pap they've been getting fed for decades about how glorious for people and wildlife grouse moors are - they aren't. The 'disappearing' raptors, the horrendous mountain hare 'cull' together with the responses from official and unofficial reps of DGS which have worsened public perceptions of it must be really worrying you and your ilk - even your pal Fergus Ewing has came out publicly to condemn raptor persecution and has associated it with DGS. There's a note of shrill desperation and wishful thinking in your comments, you're fooling nobody. By the way if you are convinced that DGS is vitally important for rural jobs and the economy and it isn't actually driving away better business opportunities that are better for wildlife and the land then you'll be glad to know there'll be another petition later this year where you can sign up to get the govt to commission a full and comprehensive study into the real economic value (and for whom) of DGS. I'm sure you'll be an enthusiastic supporter of that won't you?


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