Flowers we can pick (6) – Meadowsweet

Meadowsweet. Photo: AnRo0002 [CC0], from Wikimedia Commons
Meadowsweet is one of the plants that Plantlife says we can pick! It’s in the Plantlife Pickable 12.

This must be a common plant because it is another one that I can actually identify! And this is the time to see it – there was plenty in the boggier bits of Perth and Kinross on Saturday.

I read that the name comes from mead – which it was used to flavour (rather than being anything to do with meadows) and that where I saw it on Saturday I should have referred to it as crios Chu-chulainn: the belt of mythological hero of Ulster, Cú Chulainn. And that it eases the pain of hangovers…

There are quite a few interesting linkages to medicine according to Wikipedia and it seems as thopugh people have been picking it for several thousand years because it smells nice. So, get stuck in!



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  1. It used to be said that meadowsweet was a key component of the nesting habitat for Marsh Warblers. If only that were true, in Britain, these days.

    1. David – yes, if only. An interesting bird which I’ve only seen (and heard) a few times in the UK ant not that often abroad. It always takes me by surprise because I hardly ever think about it.

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