Waitrose – is there anyone there?

Waitrose has known for over 5 weeks (and should have known anyway) that they are offering for sale game meat with misleading health warnings over lead content. And yet they haven’t yet done anything about it.

If they had come back to me and politely said ‘Go away!’ I’d have been more impressed than the fact that they can’t scrape a response together after all this time.

And if Waitrose are to do something then let us hope that they are not just hanging about idly until the end of the Pheasant-shooting season before introducing correct labels next year – although of course that would be better than nothing. But not hugely better.

Waitrose’s stock has gone down in my eyes.

For more information see
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2 Replies to “Waitrose – is there anyone there?”

  1. Mark
    This is the share price for a kitchen company called John Lewis of Hungerford. The other John Lewis (which owns Waitrose) is an employee-owned partnership and doesn’t have shares.


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