RSPB reaction to HS2

Emma Marsh, RSPB Director England, said:

The construction of this railway will destroy wildlife and HS2Ltd does not have a viable plan for how it is going to mitigate or compensate for these losses. Giving HS2 the go-ahead, without a plan that benefits nature, in the current ecological emergency, is the wrong decision. We must rethink HS2.

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4 Replies to “RSPB reaction to HS2”

  1. I never doubted for a second it was a done deal.
    A totally corrupt government with the opportunity to hand over £100 billion of tax payers cash to an equally corrupt construction industry!
    I didn't have to think about it for very long.

    1. Typically tepid response from the RSPB.

      If it had been more robust in its campaigning, maybe the decision would have been different - or least have included a thorough mitigation strategy.

    2. It has been that way since 2009 when set up by the Brown gubmint. Whenever something appears to defy logic, follow the money

  2. Emma Marsh is absolutely right. The whole project is an absolute atrocity in respect of the destruction of our wildlife, the impact on the environment with global warming thrown out the door and in respect of tax payers money.
    Once again the Tories have confirmed their hypocrisy namely that that they say the environment is very important until it gets in their way. Then they ditch it entirely. What a terrible, hypocritical lot they are.


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