An old issue in The New Issue

The New Issue is a quarterly magazine produced by Big Issue North. The summer edition has an article, beautifully illustrated with photographs and well written by Roger Ratcliffe, tackling the Hen Harrier issue.

Nestled between articles about Joan from Hull and her tattoos and a graphic article entitled Wives and Punishment, and near articles on toilets in Honduran schools and Scottish football supporters, we find a full page image of Steve Downing, craggy raptor worker and words from the RSPB, the Moorland Association, Natural England and from me.

It’s well worth a read, and maybe worth buying to leave in a doctor’s waiting room or similar public places to spread the word.


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  1. Mark you obviously lead a healthy life. Drs waiting rooms and similar places are barren deserts of the printed word for fear of spreading the virus.
    For the word life is digital now and and even there we have to worry about viruses

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