Breaking news – Sanctuary saved?

The Sanctuary LNR Before and After 2003 - 2014(1)Reports suggest that plans for a cycle track which would wreck the Sanctuary Local Nature Reserve have been abandoned by Derby City Council.  Delays to the scheme – due to the brave and, it seems, effective – legal challenge by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust mean that the cost effectiveness of the plans is now in doubt.  Clearly wasn’t ever going to be a winner then!

This seems like very good news (almost as good as Lord Windermere winning the Cheltenham Gold Cup) but until the ‘official result’ is oin I wouldn’t spend the winnings. As with the Gold Cup, there might be a stewards’ enquiry.

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10 Replies to “Breaking news – Sanctuary saved?”

  1. I so hope this is true, well done to everyone especially Nick Moyes, Nick Brown and Derbyshire Wildlife Trust and thanks for your help too Mark.

  2. And this underlines why it is so important that the Government does not succeed in stopping the public from challenging bad decisions - ref. today's earlier blog -

    and this:-

    1. Sadly, few saw the problem with NE avoiding public consultation and compliance with the Habitats Directive when they began to dedicate as Open Access all publically owned NNRs.

      Second tranche now open for business

      Peter Marren raised the issue in December 2013 British Wildlife magazine. Natural England member of staff replied in February issue but failed to respond to the principle point of the case study offered and he totally missed, or avoided the issue of Habitats Directive compliance?

      NE need 'conservation' support unless they see transformation of NNRs to 'country theme parks' as their future?

  3. Thanks Lorraine for you comment and for your support and indeed to everyone else who objected and/or sent in comments to Mark's blog on this subject.
    I would also thank the great support given by the 15 groups that came together to form a 'coalition' to fight the city council's plans; The Derbyshire Ornithological Society (DOS) has been in the very forefront of the work, taking the lead especially in the early stages and comments and support from the regional RSPB office have also been much appreciated.
    And there has been huge support from many individuals and local campaigners, some going way beyond the normal 'call of duty'.
    Clearly, the picture is still very confused regarding the legal and financial implications of the council's withdrawal. The council is blaming the Trust and exonerating this is not the end of the story.
    I wonder if they will agree to try to reinstate the part of the LNR that they ripped up?
    Time will tell....the battle is not over yet.
    Nick B

    1. Well done to all, collabortative community conservation - a model for the future I hope.

      As a case study (still to have final chapters written) it highlights a number of issues, not least a planning system not fit for purpose but also the use of public money and Lottery funds being used without applicant being required to provide sufficient detail to evidence that their is cross interest support.

      Thanks for the update, will DCC be writing to all the objectors to let them know (nothing received yet)?

  4. Apologies Nick Bee, I accidentally disliked your comment, I phone print too small or fingers too big, I did make amends & like it!

  5. I'll certainly let you off Lorraine - and thanks for your continuing support for The Sanctuary.
    A sand martin was seen nearby today (18th).....let's hope the SM wall that had over 30 pairs last year is equally well populated this.....and that some LRPs return soon too.
    Nick Bee


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