Planning for Hen Harrier Day 2015

BAWC-220-x-220pxEarlier this week, in a secret location (so secret I almost couldn’t find it) a group of people met to talk about Hen Harrier Day 2015.

Much will be revealed at the Birders Against Wildlife Crime Conference in Buxton on the first day of spring (it’s full – no places left).

BAWC will be organising a Hen Harrier Day event in England this year – many thanks to them.  It’s an attempt to ensure sunny weather – I failed badly last year.

#HaveyouseenHenry ?????

getimage-3There are plans afoot for Scotland too.

But there will be a range of social media activities with which you can join in.

And this book, Inglorious, is a part, my part, of the ongoing campaign to ban driven grouse shooting. No it wasn’t a one-year wonder – the campaign goes on.

By the time we get to Hen Harrier day 2015, there will be a new government – what will be their position on field sports in general and grouse shooting in particular, I wonder?  The Greens, who may not be a majority party, are against field sports and Labour seems to have timidly opted for a review of all shooting. A review would be interesting and valuable. You wonder why Labour hasn’t done its own review in the last five years so that it knows what it wants to do – a bit inept I’d say. Maybe they were waiting for my book?


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  1. Alan Parfitt says:

    Looking forward to Hen harrier Day on the basis that the weather cannot be worse than it was last year. As you say Mark it is a shame Labour do not get their act together more convincingly concerning wildlife crime as a whole. I went to a WWF presentation yesterday on international wildlife crime and it is horrifying to say the least. The presentation identified that the perpetrators of wildlife crime are sometimes linked to other types of crime. It should therefore be an an area of great concern to everyone whether they are interested in wildlife or not. It needs decisive action by Governments to put a stop to it. Not a lot of shilly shallying that we seem to be getting from the leading political parties at present.
    For example it is shame on this Government that the forward funding for the National Wildlife Crime Unit is always so uncertain and that currently its only runs to early next year.

    • Stewart Abbott says:

      I really hope that Labour are serious about their commitment to clamp down on wildlife crime and its just not a ploy to get people like myself, who were thinking of joining the green surge, to stick with them.


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