A good week

I ended the week feeling optimistic. I’m usually optimistic but I had a few down moments in the middle of the week.

I’m not sure what the climate deal adds up to yet  There are some quite optimistic views about it, but these things are a bit like George Osborne speeches – it’s best to wait a day or two, read the small print, and then decide.

However, I would like to point out, in the nicest possible way, and with some pride, that this blog has had a pretty good week.

Where else would you have heard about the Westminster Hall debate on toxic lead ammunition and had some analysis of the arguments – go on, where else?

And where else would you find anyone publicly nudging our NGOs to do an even better job, from a supportive and knowledgeable place – like here (and arguably here too, and arguably here too)?

And where else can you find Guest Bloggers who ask questions, get answers and result in an organisation (GWCT) looking foolish in what is supposed to be their area of expertise?

And where else do you not only learn about the government’s plans to reduce your access to environmental justice, but you are also given advice on how to object to these plans?

And this was a lovely Guest Blog too – pointing you towards a radio programme that you might otherwise have missed.

And this blog has a consistent and informed line on the subjects of toxic lead ammunition (see here and here) and driven grouse shooting (see here), and keeps plugging away at them.

Connected to our campaign against grouse shooting was this letter that seems to have gone down very well with so many of you.

And there was this post which connected flooding (which dominated the news) to climate change talks in Paris (which was mentioned a bit in the media) but also to unsustainable land use (which hardly, with the ever-shining exception of George Monbiot, was mentioned at all).

And you get a topical cartoon too – every week.


So, if you don’t mind, I’m going to take the rest of the day off. Is that OK?

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3 Replies to “A good week”

  1. And, don't forget, there was an excellent and well-received talk to the Notts Wildlife Trust on Friday evening.

    1. David - it was good to see you, and thank you for the mince pie. I like talking to people - so it's good to hear that at least one member of the audience enjoyed listening to me.

  2. Mark - you're always excellent value for money! Long may it continue;)

    See also https://thmcf.wordpress.com/2015/12/13/new-years-resolutions-avery-offers-suggestions/


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