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Flag_of_Scotland_(navy_blue).svgThe Scottish Raptor Study Group petition to the Scottish parliament to bring in licensing of gamebird shooting is in its last few days (it closes next Monday).

It has gathered nearly 5000 signatures online and there are more that have been collected on old-fashioned pieces of paper.  That’s pretty good by the standards of these things in Scotland I believe.

It’s well worth anyone signing this petition, and I did earlier today, but especially if you are resident in Scotland. Of the c5000 signatures around half come from Scotland and another 1200 or so cryptically say they are from the UK (including me), which leaves another 1300 or so from England, Wales, Northern Ireland and every other country in the world!

The petition asks for the introduction of licensing and it is clear that this has a bigger chance of gaining support from the leading parties in Scotland than it currently does in England. Scotland looks like it is leading the way, as it did with vicarious liability, and it will be interesting to see what emerges in future if the Scottish government pick up this ball and runs with it – as it should.

I’d rather see a ban on driven grouse shooting, but a well-worked licensing system would be a step forward. And it would be interesting to watch how the game played out in Scotland too – I’m sure there would be lots for us to learn from down south.  Let’s give it our support – especially if you do live in Scotland.

It’s a nice touch that the signatories are all actually listed – so you can see my name, and Stuart Housden’s name, and a lot of familiar raptor workers’ names and the names of many who comment on this blog. Can I see your name?




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  1. The two comments shown on the petition page by J Marshall at 0945 and 0948 on 16 August 2016 (only visible for next 24h I presume) are rather curious!

  2. Mark, thanks for publicising the ‘wee’ petition, we will be collecting signatures at the BF BAWC stand number 45 marquee number eight. You can sign electronically or old fashioned paper, either we would be delighted to have your signature. Thank you. Logan Steele.

  3. Not sure if anyone else has noticed that there is a Westminster counter petition in favour of grouse shooting that cites the benefits of grouse moors to Stone Curlews!

    1. Hi Paul, it has been noted. It’s worth another look too, Stone Curlews are not the only clanger!

      1. I didn’t click on the ‘more details’ drop-down last time. The Countryside Alienate! Couldn’t have put it better myself. I won’t be petty and comment on the other spelling mistakes.

  4. Today’s verb is: coasting
    For the first time in at least 11 days signatures fell below 1,500. Longer term readers may remember the times when the idea of getting 1,000 signatures in a day seemed incredible!

    The day ended on: 110,467

    Today’s signatures: 1012

    Last week (6th-12th August)
    Peak day (12th) = 11,689
    Total for week = 25,635
    Daily average = 3662
    Petition total (end 12th) = 97,895
    Constituency average (end 12th) = 150.6

    This week
    13th = 6504
    14th = 2993
    15th = 2063
    16th = 1012
    Daily average = 3143
    Constituency average (end 16th) = 169.9

    A final statistic: if we had only managed the minimum average day rate needed to reach 100,000 (548 signatures), today’s total would have been 80,822. We are currently up by 29,699 signatures or 36.7%.

  5. I have no doubt that a licence would designed to be light touch and low on administration. It would focus on compliance with good practice and codes….probably self reporting with little inspection/ checking. In short, it would be so open to abuse and deliberate misinterpretation that it could only be viewed as a token gesture. I’ m sure the game industry do not fear it, it is just one more obstacle that THEY are holding in reserve….

  6. Its banning not licensing that is needed to protect wildlife and remove harmful environmental damage that killing and maiming birds for the fun of a few.

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