I’m interviewed in InsideEcology

You might find this interview with me interesting, and I found the earlier interview with Dusty Gedge an interesting read.

I wonder who will be next?

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1 Reply to “I’m interviewed in InsideEcology”

  1. An interesting read about green roofs. Dusty have you ever thought of Heather. I guess it does not fit your brown roof target but I was looking at it from the perspective of how nature already uses roofs.
    Mark has commented here about Pied wagtail roosts. I remember many years ago Stirling University admin building had a courtyard structure down a slope with heather on the banks and you could stand in the glass corridor stairs watching Pied wagtail vanish into the heather in a mass roost. It was single story so almost like roosting on the roof with the sloping structure.
    Heather offers a low growing shrub I cannot think of anything else without the dreaded word maintenance coming up. but hey these are minute areas in real terms.
    The advantage of this is it encourages the roost to an area where the poo is not a problem (?).

    Seagulls aside is there any other way roofs are already used? I think lapwings roost in the north on some roofs.
    You mention Black restarts at the beginning of the interview. Have they ever taken to a roof. They like buildings I know. Round here Sizewell power station is a good place to see them but what they see in it beats me.

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