Guest blogs of 2017

I welcome guest blogs here – they provide a change of pace, a change of perspective and the possibility that different issues will emerge. Thank you to all who have taken up the offer and written a guest blog. In 2017 there have been 53 of them.

Guest blogs here by Birding for All, WWT (here and here), National Trust, BirdLife International, BirdLife Malta and RSPB illustrate the fact that the regular audience for this blog is one that decision-formers and conservation professionals want to reach.  If you want to sound off about something to do with nature and the natural world, whether you are an opinionated individual or a large wildlife NGO, then you are welcome to submit something (and it is very likely to be published , and usually within a very few days of submission) and these are the simple guidelines (which rather too many don’t seem to assimilate fully!).  Guest blogs which take a different view from that promoted by me are particularly welcome (I still haven’t heard from ‘N’).

Below is a selection of guest blogs published here – not those that I consider the ‘best’ ones – but a selection illustrating the range of styles, subjects and treatments.


Neonic analysis by Jeremy Greenwood 31 January 2017

Spurn development decision by Georgia Locock 7 February 2017

Trump – by Laura Kammermeier  12 February 2017

Badger culling by Rosie Woodroffe 19 April 2017

OSME summer days by Richard Porter 13 July 2017

Bialowiecza by Ryszard Kulik 18 July 2017

International Vulture Awareness Day by Ian Parsons 1 September 2017

The shooting of a Marsh Harrier in the 1960s by David Bryant 24 October 2017