Tim Melling – Grey-hooded Fulvettas

Tim writes; Grey-hooded Fulvettas (Fulvetta cinereiceps) are endemic to China and occur in high altitude forests with a bamboo understorey. Its scientific name translates as little tawny bird with an ash-coloured head, which describes it quite nicely. I photographed this pair on a frosty twig at about 3000m asl at Labahe in Sichuan.

In winter they travel round in noisy flocks but only once did I see them sitting adjacent like this. They were once thought to be part of the Old World Babbler family but DNA work has shown that they are in the Old World Warbler family. It was also considered the same species as Fulvetta manipurensis from the Himalayas, and F. formosana from Formosa. But recent splits now make this a Chinese endemic.

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2 Replies to “Tim Melling – Grey-hooded Fulvettas”

  1. Thank you Tim for continuing to give Mark's Blog such attractive pics from your travels and the informative descriptions along with them.


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