Watch this Chris Packham video

Mon 20 July CopyIf you have been following the M&S grouse story then you will be interested to see this video from Chris Packham on You tube.

Looks like M&S has lost another customer…



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8 Replies to “Watch this Chris Packham video”

  1. Brilliant video. I'm so pleased you've managed to fit it in half time adverts on ITV this evening between France & Portugal. That should bring in 100,000 signatures in 24 hours & bankrupt M & S and Iceland. Well done.

  2. Brilliant! An excellent video, thanks to all involved. All I've done re M&S is to
    have several Webchats on 'product enquiries' and written to CEO and Chairman prior to their AGM, but I hope, as another supermarket says, "Every little helps". Waiting for a great surge in signatures when the footie ends!

  3. I don't eat meat of any kind, but I don't agree with how they are killed,
    So I will be signing

  4. Well done Chris, it needs people like you to bring things like this to the attention of the people, and well done for getting it on the telly.

  5. Thank you Mark. You have been steadfast and determined in the campaign to ban this dreadful, unethical blood sport (although the word 'sport' should never have been used in this context). With the excellent Chris Packham now publicly supporting you, the campaign has a much better chance of succeeding. Well done to both of you.

  6. Hope you didn't mind my earlier frabricated comment to windup the grouse mafioso.
    The reality is their systemic criminality is out in the open and they don't like it.

  7. Hate grouse shooting! Barbaric idiots! No way is this a sport as the grouse are not armed! Boo M & S!!

  8. Lost another customer. No more nothing and....... Their clothes are so old and boring... Im 64 not 94 and its 2016...... Not 50s


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