Guest Blogs

I’m always interested in offers of Guest Blogs for this site.  If you have a burning issue that you would like to get off your chest, and you can write in an interesting way, then get in touch, please.

You can’t buy your way onto this site – no-one has ever paid to publish a Guest Blog here. Au contraire my insurance is higher because I publish contributions from others so these Guest Blogs cost me.

Advice to people submitting a blog to this website:

  • get in touch before submitting your blog so that we can discuss it
  • any blog should be of interest to readers of this blog and of an environmental bent
  • word count is up to you
  • only submit a blog that you are happy to see published as it is submitted – I might correct spelling, typos etc but it’s your job to get these things right
  • submit a few sentences about yourself as well as your blog
  • send a jpg image of yourself so that we can all have a look at you

And thank you to all those who have already contributed – you have stimulated some very interesting comments and debates.


Here is a list of published Guest Blogs (oldest first):
Dr Mark Avery, supporter of vulnerable creatures in the sporting field – ‘Mr White’ (April 2012)

The NGO world – Peter Marren (October 2011)

Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust – Ian Coghill (November 2011)

The NT on nature – David Bullock (January 2012)

The Deer initiative – Peter Watson (January 2012)

Feeling for nature – Mark Infield (February 2012)

NT responds to events in the Peak District – Simon Pryor (February 2012)

Maerl – Matthew Chatfield (February 2012)

Gary Burgess, a pigeon fancier – Gary Burgess (February 2012)

Every little helps? – Matt Williams (March 2012)

Save wildlife. Stop birdwatching! – Andrew Lucas (March 2012)

Where are all the women? – Sue Walker (March 2012)

Renewable energy and its impact on nature – Leo Fisher (March 2012)

A service-based environment? – Jonathan Baker (March 2012)

National Trust Natural Childhood report – Stephen Moss (March 2012)

Blogging for victory – Alison Fure  (April 2012)

It isn’t easy being a wildlife friendly farmer – David Fursdon (April 2012)

Bird race – Jonny Rankin (May 2012)

Don’t shoot! – Giles Bradshaw (May 2012)

Save our verges – Sarah Pettegree (June 2012)

Are neonicitinoid pesticides responsible for the demise of bees and other wildlife? – Rosemary Mason and Derek Thomas (July 2012)

One year on – Jennifer Avery (October 2012)

Mollusc of the glen – Peter Cosgrove (October 2012)

Ashes to ashes  – Peter Marren (November 2012)

BTO science – Andy Clements (November 2012)

RSPB science – David Gibbons (November 2012)

A natural history GCSE? – Mary Colwell (November 2012)

Why we need to change if we really care – Ralph Underhill (December 2012)

Is the future in safe hands? -Findlay Wilde (December 2012)

A Christmas greeting to a climate sceptic council leader – Sarah Whitebread (December 2012)

Not the BTO thrush survey – Hugh Brazier (January 2013)

Good v Bad science. Good v Bad birdwatching – David Christian Rose (January 2103)

What’s so funny ’bout peace, love and understanding – Colin Williams (January 2013)

‘Muzzled watchdog’ to ‘Toothless terrier’? – Helen Kirk (January 2013)

The flight of the neonicotinoids – Matt Shardlow (February 2013)

You can be a member of the RSPB & a gamekeeper – Rob Yorke (April 2013)

BTO & CLO – Andy Clements  (May 2013)

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