Guest Blogs of 2014

I’m very grateful to all the Guest Bloggers who have graced these pages in 2014.

I am always open to the idea of publishing Guest Blogs so please do get in touch if you think you have something interesting to share here.

This is a list of all the Guest Blogs (I think, except the one by Emma Websdale yesterday) and they are ordered by their total number of ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ – which just felt like a fairly handy way to do it.

If I had to pick couple or more that I liked very much then I would choose the top one because it is of some political significance (this blog would welcome blogs from other political parties), Colin Rees’s ‘What life is this?‘ because it is different and offers a different perspective, and probably, no, certainly, my favourite of all is that of ‘filbert cobb’ (a regular commenter on this blog) whose Guest Blog, ‘The Sunken Garden‘ was not only very different but also very lovely.


There is nothing Green about these Country ‘Sports’ by Caroline Allen of the Green Party 147

Wishing you a Harry Christmas by Findlay Wilde 144

Silence of the guns by Rob Yorke 141

Tactics of the raptor haters by Peter Cosgrove 138

The Hen Harrier Affair by Tim Birch 128

Of nests and nets by Dave Leech (BTO) 120

Birders Against Wildlife Crime by Charlie Moores 111

The Sunken Garden by ‘filbert cobb’ 88

No difference? by Jeremy Greenwood 83

Real life bugs, or a living planet..? A response by Max Barclay 80

What Martha Means to Me by Emma Websdale 75

Monitoring by Prof Tim Birkhead FRS 73

A very RSPB protest by Danny Heptinstall 65

Crunch time for Britain’s bees by Joan Walley MP 63

A is for acorn, or analogue? by Laurence Rose 62

A reply on Hen Harriers and grouse shooting from the Chair of RSPB Council by Prof Steve Ormerod 57

Fifty shades of Grayling by Carol Day 56

Rewilding revisited – by Simon Phelps 54

What life is this? by Colin Rees 53

Let’s not let our wildlife-rich grasslands fade away by Colin Raven 50

How environmentally friendly is your cup of coffee? by Derek Thomas 48

The Sanctuary LNR, Derby by Richard Winspear on behalf of Derbyshire Ornithological Society 47

Terry’s future 2 by Roderick Leslie 47

Top ten tips for getting a job in conservation by Nick Askew 43

Pop songs and pigeons by Karla Kane of The Corner Laughers 43

Conservation bursaries by Oliver Simms 43

A Poem for Swifts by Steve Halton 41

No country for birds? by Peter Rafferty 37

Hookpods by David Agombar 36

Real life bugs or a living planet? by Pip Howard 36

The UK’s youth conservation movement is happening, and we’re already beginning to howl by Peter Cooper 34

1000 miles in memory of Martha by Tristan Reid 33

It’s a marathon not a sprint by Alastair Driver 30

Adders and Buzzards by Nicholas Milton 29

Petition to oppose the planned expansion of Sandy Beaches Caravan Site by Robert Adams 29

It’s bee-hind you! by Teresa Verney-Brookes 27

Where is the UK’s Youth Nature Conservation Movement? by Danny Heptinstall 29

1000 miles for Martha by Tristan Reid 16

Kids and Outdoor Play – Getting back to Nature – by Sarah Tramm 14

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2 Replies to “Guest Blogs of 2014”

  1. I'm not volunteering to write a blog but I would like to hear about the wider impact that grouse-shooting has on the environment such as described in Country Diary in yesterday's Guardian:


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